What is a ‘Digital World’?

The ‘Digital World’ is the use of technology in daily life. The use of technology in today’s society starts from the press of a button on our phone as an alarm clock in the morning, the reading of a digital newspaper over breakfast, the use of digital television screens to read the timetable for all forms of transport and then the use of your mobile phone to stay connected to friends, family and co-workers with the use of skype, Facebook, cloud storage databases for phone numbers and business connections. Let’s face it we are over run by the digital world. The question is why have we let it get this way?

It was only 10-15 years ago when the use of paper, pen and textbooks was more present in society, but now the use of digital device is thrust in our face almost continuously. The reason is purely technology makes life simpler. The typing of a message on Facebook rather than an hour long phone call to distant friends, to even the use of a phone book that stores all of your friends or business contacts addresses, phone number and any important information (Kjellstrom, 2013). The use of technology in daily life has allowed us access to information from all around the world and also allows us immediate contact with those in other countries for personal and business uses. This allows humans to grow their knowledge and communications personally, economically and intellectually in this digital world we have created.

The digital world is the takeover of information and technology to not only make it easier for people but to also make humans lazier. Since the increase in digital technology the increase in health issues and accidents has also increased (James, 2015). I agree that technology has made life easier but I also agree that we as humans should not be reliant on digital capabilities. This issue with digital capabilities is the dependency with the younger generations. Digital technology to them is no longer a tool as it is with us older generations but a necessity to function in daily life. I believe it will be important for future generations to have an understanding of how generations prior to them developed and functioned without the daily implementation of digital technology in their daily life, so that they can appreciate the uses for technology in their lives.



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